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A pair in the hidden part of a players hand.

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Confusion about two pair rule in poker, can someone help me who will win [duplicate]

Hello guys please help here. i think it is a draw what do you say?
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Facing a 4-bet with QQ

No Limit Tournament Around 20 people left in total (started with ~30), 8 at my table. Average stack size is ~30 BB; I have ~40 BB. I am UTG +1. UTG - who is loose and raises a lot of hands pre-flop ...
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2 answers

Playing AA against multiple opponents

Should I be pushing everyone but one villain out preflop with AA? E.g. scenario, NLHE Cash game: Player A (Button): 200BB Player B (SB): 40BB Hero (BB): 200BB (with AA) Player A: Call Player B: ...
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Three players, three pocket pairs?

The 2016 WSOP 10K 6-max came down to three players and on the final hand, all three players had a pocket pair. What are the odds of this happening?
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in this Flush vs flush who wins + pairs in the 2 hands? [duplicate]

pleaase explain who wins ? and WHY ?? THANKS ALL :)
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Playing 99 in early position

In an answer I got a comment who would not play 99 in early position My reaction is I would not Assume 8 handed and early position is UTG or UTG+1 Do you play 99 and in early position and if so ...
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Holding a pair and two pair are on the board. Who wins?

I have a question. In Texas holdem if someone has a pair and two pair are on the board who wins the hand?
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2 answers

How to play if you hit a straight on flop?

I played the following hand in NLHE microstakes online money game (6 seats): Every one is in a deep stack (above 100BB) I have A♥Q♠ Before flop: I raised 3BB and the next player ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Specific Hand recommended action

I am fairly new to the game (about 1 month in) but have been playing a ton recently. I would love for some input on a specific hand that came down last night and any advice for how to avoid the ...
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Giving off subtle, fake tells to sharks. Possible strategy?

Lets say that you have identified a shark at your table. He plays TAG by the books and has been consistently winning at a slow and steady pace. It is obvious that he has knowledge of poker and it can ...
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Is it correct to go all-in when you have KK?

I was playing a cash game online and I got pocket Kings. If someone else keeps raising me pre-flop, should I go all-in or should I hold back in case he has pocket Aces?
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