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Poker theory is generally based on mathematical principals to define the theory.

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Calculating Nash Equilibrium for HU NLHE push fold game

This question has been asked before here and here. But what i am looking for is the specific calculation methodology or pseudocode. Additionally my understanding itself of Nash equilibrium is this ...
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Does the complexity of poker increase unboundedly as effective stack sizes tend to infinity?

You can assume this question to be about no limit texas hold'em, but answers about/including other variants are also interesting. I'm also not sure how to define complexity mathematically in a way ...
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Re-raise bluffing post flop in heads-up cash game

I am struggling with Post Flop bluff raising, to a bet, playing heads-up cash game. I am unable to decide, other than big drawing hands, when to bluff raise after flop. How should I make a strategy ...
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Pre-flop Odds of Making a Hand By The River

How do you calculate the pre-flop odds of making a hand after the river card? For example, what are the odds of making a set if you hold a pocket pair after the river card? What are the odds of making ...
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For a table what is average pot?

In a java based poker application, I have to find out average pot.As per front end screen looks like this metric is in percentage. When a player wins, I know the pot amount. Could it be derived from ...
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Zoom/Rush poker type of player batch seating distribution : not even

Assume that you are developing player batch management for Zoom/Rush poker type of game. Conditions: Once a player folds, he moves to free player batch. You have to place him in optimal place in pool ...
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How to calculate winning percentage in a poker game?

In some of the online poker apps they show winning percentage - which I interpret as chances of winning. How to calculate that - I understand that it is based on combinatorics. Suppose at Flop I have ...
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Have you noticed any poker bots in your games?

I know that poker bots topic been around for as far as I can remember, but it seems that now it becomes more relevant to general players and can actually be a threat in the future, especially for cash ...
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How to calculate Poker hand percentages? Like on the link above, all I get when I google this is how to calculate pot odds. I am not looking for that. If you go to the link above and add ...
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