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Questions tagged [poker-tools]

Software tools to help players with player tracking, bankroll accounting, game simulations etc.

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PokerStars LogFile Stacksize parsing

I know how to read your own hand from the Pokerstars.log.0 file. But how do I get the information of each stacksize from each player? I don't mean in HandHistory, I mean in Live hand. Tools like ...
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Does PokerSnowie have any weaknesses in its game? If so, what are they?

I'm using PokerSnowie to help improve my game but have seen a few comments on other sites suggesting that it compares poorly with genuine solvers that find the Nash equilibrium strategy. I currently ...
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Re-raise bluffing post flop in heads-up cash game

I am struggling with Post Flop bluff raising, to a bet, playing heads-up cash game. I am unable to decide, other than big drawing hands, when to bluff raise after flop. How should I make a strategy ...
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Have you noticed any poker bots in your games?

I know that poker bots topic been around for as far as I can remember, but it seems that now it becomes more relevant to general players and can actually be a threat in the future, especially for cash ...
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Is there a way to submit / view data into pro poker tools from a mobile device?

Not sure if Pro Poker Tools is open source. IF not , is there anything similar you could call from an android app that makes these calculations ? API that one could program a mobile app to call ?
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