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In pot limit poker games, a player can not bet more than the total amount currently in the pot.

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In run-it-twice which scenario is more profitable?

let's say in 6 card plo cash game you have nuts on the flop with big pot in the center with more than 2 players for show down. Now you can go all-in in 2 ways - In the flop itself. (we see 2 extra ...
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In PLO in a casino can a player say I raise "half the pot"?

I know you can say "I bet/raise the Pot" (and let the dealer work out the number of chips) but can you specify a fraction/percentage and let the dealer work it out ?
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Odds of getting aces in PLO?

What are the odds of picking up aces in pot limit omaha? Or in other words, if I take four cards out of a deck, what are the odds of at least two of them being an ace?
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Worst possible matchup for aces pre-flop in pot limit omaha

I ran the numbers on hand 1: A♥A♣3♠2⋄ versus hand2: 6♣7♣8♥9♥. Turns out aces have 46.82% equity. Significantly less than 50! I chose this matchup,...
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Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better rules

I have a question regard PLO/8. Post flop, player 1 checks, player 2 bets $150.00, player 3 goes all-in for $165.00. Does player 1 have option to raise player 2, or can he just call player 3's all-...
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How good is it to call when you have no money in the pot?

If you are staring at a pair but it is not your chance to open the pot should you call? If you are staring at a pair of nines for example. What is some common rules of thumbs for being risk averse ...
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Bet denied after having hit the table pre-river

First to bet after turn, bets pot ($1300) in PLO. One folds, last player takes a long time to call. Bettor immediately hits the table with his fist, nothing verbal. After the river, the bettor, ...
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What is the maximal pot bet if one of the players has less chips than minimum raise

Assuming 3 players in a pot limit game. Dealer has 1000$ in chips SB has 1000$ in chips BB has 100$ in chips blinds are 100/200 SB puts 100, BB is all in with 100 (instead of 200). if Dealer ...
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