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Pre flop refers to the period of time in a flop game (such as Texas Hold'Em or Omaha) before the community cards are dealt. It consists of the posting of any blinds or antes, the dealing of the cards, and the initial round of betting.

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Convenient number of hands played on a Omaha table of 6 players

I play Omaha for fun, but well allbody wants to win. I realized, after reading "The big play strategy", I had a high percentage of hands played: ~40% playing in 6 players tables. I have been trying ...
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Heads-up: Shoving pre-flop

Heads-up no-limit texas-holdem: You are the button with the SB. Both you and your opponent play perfect poker. How deep (in BB) can your (or your opponent's) stack be, so that all-in or fold are your ...
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How to calculate pre-flop odds with hands revealed?

I’m trying to create a backend for a Poker odds calculator. I know how to go about calculating odds post-flop, but I’m having a hard time calculating the odds pre-flop. How do I go about calculating ...
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Why "raise to 3BB" rather than "raise by pot size" if they're equivalent?

I'm new to NLHE and trying to figure out opening bet sizes. In a $1/$2 game (assume no ante), an unopened pot has $3 worth of blinds in it. "Raising to 3BB" (i.e., the default at Pokerstars) ...
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when I'm in the hand pre flop am I aloud to tell the table what my cards are before I go all in *"say" *49o allin

playing poker online pre-flop I guess I like to show off I guess I'm just a better poker player than most as I'm the best so I mean that cash games I suck but on free tournaments I take over the king ...
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