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Questions tagged [prize-pool]

The aggregate amount of payouts, in reference to poker tournaments.

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River vs cards in hand [duplicate]

Ok I was playing a game of hold 'em with some friends and something similar to the following scenario came up: Hand 1: A,6 Hand 2: A,2 Table: 2,A,6,9,9 The question is: Does hand 1 win the pot or ...
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Does the buy-in for a tourney affect the taxes of your winning?

Let's say you are playing in the WSOP Main Event, and the bubble bursts and you're one of the first people to be knocked out. You go collect your prize of $19,106, how are taxes factored into this? ...
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Why offer guaranteed prize pools?

Almost all of the tournaments I choose to play have a guaranteed prize pool but often, the number of buy-ins exceeds the guarantee and then it becomes a standard prize pool equal to the number of buy-...
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