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deals with computing probabilities for many commonly occurring events in the game of poker

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Can anyone suggest a limit holdem training app for Android?

First time poster in this part of the world, so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area. In short; I used to play a lot of Poker in University over a decade ago, and then continued to play ...
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Poker pre-flop probability training tool

Is there a freeware, better FLOSS, online or preferably offline trainer for preflop probabilities. I imagine different play modes with entering percentages under measurement of time resulting in ...
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This is a probability question which will require an expert mathematician's expertise. Below is the criteria

Eight handed Texas Hold-em game using a 52 card deck. This is a 3 1/2 hour session in which there were 105 hands of poker played. One Individual achieved the following four poker hands. A. Quad Eights ...
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What is the probabilty that any of your opponents has any of specifict hands?

I'm creating a database of all choices of 7 cards out of 52. It's quite flexible because it allows to compare choices like: MyHand+FLOP+TURN+RIVER and OpponentsHand+FLOP+TURN+RIVER and tell whether my ...
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How likely is a full house on a paired board vs. a double paired board?

Recently I had a situation where I made a flush on the turn but my opponent made a full house on the river. The board was J5566 so it wasn't too difficult for anyone to make a full house in this case (...
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Hold Em- chances of hitting flush on the flop

if i have two suited cards preflop, what is the probability of me hitting a flush on the flop. And what are my chances of me getting a flush in general?
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How often are the 5 community cards the best hand?

Can we calculate the probability that the 5 community cards are the best hand, i.e., that all remaining players chop the pot? I imagine that this probability drops as the number of players increases.
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Optimal strategy for known card distribution

Are there any optimal strategies in THNL if I know the distribution of opponent's cards at each turn?
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NLH Probablility of Drawing a hand

When dealt 5 cards from a deck the probabilities of seeing a str8 flush, 4 of kind, full house, flush, str8, 3 of kind, two pair, pair, or high card are well known and easily computed: str8 flush ....
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Probability of one player making Royal Flush in a 6-person Texas Hold'em game

See also: Probability of two royal flushes' played in a row One person making Royal Flush in Texas Hold'em with 5 community cards is 1 in 30,940. How about 6 players combined, assuming no one ...
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How to calculate the probability of flopping four of a kind with no pocket pair?

My hand is any 2 cards that do not have the same rank. What is the probability of flopping a four of a kind? The formula I used is: (2 c 1)(3 c 3) / (50 c 3) c = chooses 2 c 1 - We have 2 ranks in ...
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How to calculate pre-flop odds with hands revealed?

I’m trying to create a backend for a Poker odds calculator. I know how to go about calculating odds post-flop, but I’m having a hard time calculating the odds pre-flop. How do I go about calculating ...
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Probabilities for each high card hands in draw poker

What are the probabilities in draw poker of being dealt 3 cards to a flush, straight flush or royal flush 4 cards to a flush, straight flush or royal flush 3 cards to a straight 4 cards to a ...
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Quantify the equity of position (button) heads up

Can the value of the button be quantified heads up. Is there an optimal number of hands to play assuming the SB is going to play GTO? Or if there is an EV based solution? Can use fixed sized ...
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Introduction to Probability with Texas Hold’em Example #4

Suppose in a tournament with only three players left, first place receives $6,000, second place receives $3,000, and third place receives $500. You have a 32% chance of winning first place, 30% chance ...
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Can I get probability of winning a HU SNG tournament out of ROI % against an opponent?

I am currently trying to evaluate my expected value in HU SNG. One part of this is using a binomial distribution to understand P to win exactly or fewer tournaments out of some amount. So, I have a ...
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Got beaten three times by the same 4 of a kind, then won with a straight flush. In the span of 141 hands. What are the odds?

I hope anyone can help me, the math goes way over my head. I just had the most unlikely game. At a 9 person hold'em table, I first got beaten by three separate people, all with 5555. Then I won a hand ...
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What are the odds in five card draw

We play generally five card draw poker with friends at home and we play with 32 cards, not 52. Could someone show me the way of calculating my drawing odds?
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