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Rake is the scaled commission fee, relative to the total size of a pot, taken by a cardroom operating a poker game.

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Are antes (or other dead money) counted toward the rake?

Let's say there's a 5% rake and no rake cap (just to keep this simple). Five players are dealt in. Each player posts $4 ante, one player posts some small blind, and another player posts some big blind....
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Pokerstars - Do they rake on the part of the pot that is not 'effective' when the larger stack goes all-in?

Assume there are only two players in the pot, the stack size of Hero is $10, Villain $5. Hero goes all-in post-flop, villain calls. Rake 5%, is the rake $15 * 0.05 = $0.75 , or $10 * 0.05 = $0.5 ? ...
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What types of fees are allowed for home games?

Obviously anyone who has been around or seen Molly's Game knows that it is illegal to take a rake of each pot without the proper gaming licenses. But are any other fees acceptable? For example, let's ...
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Raked Game Strategy

I have played a lot of home games and generally done pretty well but I'm just getting to the level where I think I might be good enough to play at a casino. The problem is a $3-$4 rake on every hand ...
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Is there a site that compares "effective" rake?

I am trying to look for sites or comparisons of the top or major online poker sites and their "effective" rake, for both cash games and for tournaments. I do not want to deal with promotions or ...
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Site with beatable PLO rake?

I've just started getting into PLO but have quickly realized the low-stakes games are next to unbeatable because of rake. Apparently paying 2buyins/1k hands in rake is not uncommon. An example of a ...
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Adjustments to the rake?

When playing low stakes with very little rake-back, I am hitting over 10bb/100hands for rake. Its really a pretty ridiculous number to beat for a decent clip, even at really low stakes. Do any of ...
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Heads up NLHE, is it harder to beat rake then full ring?

I don't play HU but tried to play one game at 10NL. I can't remember exact numbers but we both started with 10$ stack and played many hands until I took his all stack. I left table with ~14-15$. Is it ...
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What's considered an acceptable rake in tournaments?

What percentage would be considered an acceptable rake compared to the buyin? For instance, there is a local casino that runs a $40 buy in $25 dollar bounty and $15 dollar rake. To me, this seems ...
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What online poker sites charge/rake the least? [closed]

I am pretty new to online poker. As far as I understand, the sites differ only by special events (which don't matter to me at all) and rake structure. Thus the question, which sites are the most ...
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