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Your Return-On-Investment is your net profit (or return) divided by the total amount you've spent (e.g in buy-ins). It's commonly stated as a percentage.

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ROI in multi-table tournamments

I have in the past played HU microstakes with some degree of success. I've experienced the advantage of being able to put in a huge volume, but I'm also a bit tired of the high rake/low edge of these ...
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Can I get probability of winning a HU SNG tournament out of ROI % against an opponent?

I am currently trying to evaluate my expected value in HU SNG. One part of this is using a binomial distribution to understand P to win exactly or fewer tournaments out of some amount. So, I have a ...
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What mnemonic rules are helpful in poker calculations?

Given that precise EV calculations require one to operate with rather uncomfortable numbers, approximations are used along with simplified models. For instance, the rule of 4 and 2 allows you to ...
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How big an edge can you have on a tournament field ? ROI vs edge question

The situation: You are playing a deep stack tournament with 300BB starting stack. Let's suppose you have exactly 300% ROI in this field, in this specific tournament. UTG goes all-in on the first hand, ...
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