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Questions tagged [seven-card-stud]

Seven card stud is a stud-poker variant where each player starts with 2 face down cards and an up card, followed by 3 more up cards, and a final face down card. The winner is determined by the best 5 card poker hand.

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0 answers

Comparison of the expected values of A 2 5 and 2 3 4 in razz

Which of these two starting hands, A 2 5 and 2 3 4, has the best expected value in a heads-up razz game? A real mathematical argument would be welcome. P.S. I am not asking for the EV of A 2 5 versus ...
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In 7 card stud with low card(s) wild, is A-2-3-4-5-J-J a five card high straight?

There was a disagreement that the hand was a 5 high straight as the player contended that his NON-wild card straight was valid. It was pointed out to the player that in "Low Card Wild" games ...
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Reading a Western about stud poker and need some clarification -? [closed]

In a book's dialog, there are two characters: Smoke and Delaney (he's the kid) I don't know what "draw short" means. When it says "Here's yours and I'm drawing mine", I assume this means that cards ...
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Does a player get dealt a card if they fold out of turn?

At a recent friendly poker night that I hosted, playing Seven Card Stud a player had called a bet then folded his hand before the dealer could deal him his next card. There was disagreement at the ...
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Seven card stud odds shortcuts

Are there shortcuts similar to the rule of 2 and 4 in Texas Hold'em, for calculating odds in the seven card stud poker variations?
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2 answers

In Seven Card Stud, the dealer missed dealing the last cards and shuffles the deck

After the 6th card is dealt (6 player, 3 have folded) the dealer mix in the dead cards and shuffles the deck (the dealer forgot that we had 1 more card coming). What should happen now?
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2 votes
2 answers

what would be the minimum and maximum bets be in 7-card stud with a pot of $1000?

I am writing a short story, set circa 1979, about a home game of 7-card stud. I am familiar with the game and the rules, but I do not know how to state the limited bet structure. This is to be a big ...
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Rank of two-pair hands for low in razz or 7-stud hi-low

Which hand would be ranked the lowest at razz or 7-card hi-low, two pairs of 2's and 9's, or two pairs of 4's and 5's ??
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What is the odd of hitting flush when you have nothing

What is the odd of filling 4 suited cards by river to make a flush? This would be starting from the "flop" in hold 'em, and starting from the fourth card, all of which are suited, in seven card stud.
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