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Why was this a split pot? PLO8

Please see the image attached. I don't understand why I didn't win here. My hole cards: 7c Ah 7d 7h His hole cards: 10d 3c 10h 8s Cards Dealt:5d,As,9h,2s,2c From what I understand: I made two pair (As,...
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Slapping cards down face up, one card flips into muck

I go all in on the turn, the river gives me a full house which beats the other players three of a kind that he showed, I slap my cards down face up to show and one flips itself over and goes into the ...
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Can a winner muck their hand and purposely lose on showdown?

On the poker website I play on, everyone who stayed until showdown has their hands revealed at the same time. However while watching tournament videos on demand I noticed that losing player(s) ...
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How to calculate win percentages during a showdown?

I've been trying to figure out how to calculate win percentages during a 2-3 hand showdown. Up until now i know how to get to the percentages on the right side of the image (was taken from an online ...
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All in player mucks hand before runout

(2/5 cash) The hand is heads up to the flop and after the flop the action is all in, and call. After counting the amount of the all in the dealer begins to put the turn and river when the player who ...
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When are you allowed to reveal your hand?

Ok, here's the scenario. 2 players play in a heads up poker game with family and friends for Player 1's birthday. Flop has 4, A, Q. Player 1 (P1) goes all in. Player 2 (P2) takes a long time deciding ...
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Do mucked cards call themselves in Omaha?

While playing no limit Omaha we had a difference of opinion on the rules. The situation was: Player 1 showed 3 of a kind with their 2 selected hole cards Player 2 showed 2 pair with their 2 selected ...
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Poker Hi Low 8 or Better - calling your hand

After the final bet, 4 players call, and we show in turn. The first player calls low hand and shows all his cards. The second player calls his low hand (loses) but shows only 2 of the 4 cards. The ...
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Does showdown winner HAVE to show hand? [duplicate]

Player 1 makes final raise after River. Player 2 calls. Player 1 was bluffing and mucks. Player 2 then mucks his hand. Player 1 asks to see winning hand of Player 2, as he’s under the impression a ...
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Showing cards before showdown, all-in situation [duplicate]

P1 is the chip leader. P1 Button, P2 SB , P3 BB P1 goes all-in; P2 call; P3 still deciding his move shows his cards. No other players are active in the hand and P3 was the last one to act. Is P3 ...
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Showing your cards after your opponent has mucked his

I was recently heads up in a poker game. My opponent bet, and I called. My opponent immediately said nice call and mucked his cards. He then demanded that I show him my hand. I refused because in my ...
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2 answers

My opponent turned his cards over in error

3 players betting, 4 cards on the table. 1st player bets. 2nd player goes all in. 3rd player covers the bet. 1st player covers the bet. The dealer calls, wrongly, for the players to show there ...
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What is the precise definition of "showdown"?

A game has the following house rule: "All players in a showdown must show all of their cards. You may not muck your hand during a showdown even if someone has already shown a better hand." There is ...
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Can I fold in response to a call?

Let's say I put in a large bluff on the river in a live homegame. My opponent thinks long and hard about it and decides to make the call. I'd rather not reveal exactly what I had, knowing they are ...
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Must the initial all-in raiser, that got called, show (or muck) BEFORE the river?

A friend and I have a bet and after searching the internet (including Wikipedia and 'ROBERT’S RULES OF POKER', as well as asking a friend who used to be a dealer, there is still no clear answer that ...
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Betting after all-in/showdown

No limit Texas Holdem, 100/200, 4 players, preflop player 1 stack - 600, player 2 stack - 700, player 3 stack - 5000, player 4 stack - 3500 First player goes all in for 600 chips Second player goes ...
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Turning over hands after betting [duplicate]

If i call a bet on the river, i understand that Villain can muck his hand if he does not want to show his cards I can request that the dealer show his hand (if it has not hit the muck) If i request ...
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Both players has full house, who should win? [duplicate]

We were playing texas hold'em and the cards on the table ended with 3 jacks and a couple of 4's. On my hand was a pair of six. My opponent had a 4 and an 8. The other 2 folded My opponent said that ...
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Do I have to show my hand in an "All-In" situation?

This question is concerning Texas Hold'Em rules. If my opponent goes "All-In" and I call with more chips than he does, do I immediately show my cards? During a recent game, my opponent called "All-...
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