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4 answers

What would be the most transparent way to show a fair shuffle literally possible?

I want to make an ios app, for fun to improve my dev skills, to do what no other app/poker site has done and be completely transparent. I just want to match casinos shuffling as imperfect as that may ...
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1 answer

What is the standard procedure for shuffling multiple decks of playing cards?

The following are the typical steps for shuffling one deck of playing cards in Texas Hold'em and other poker games. Wash the cards Riffle shuffle Riffle shuffle Box the cards Riffle shuffle Cut the ...
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5 answers

Are cards drawn from a uniformly shuffled deck considered independent events?

When playing poker I sometimes run into a situation where the board has 3 to a flush and I'm holding a 4th card of the same suit so I need the river to give the 5th. I understand that the probability ...
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