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A sit and go (SNG) tournament is a poker game type between 2 - 360 players, which takes usually around from 20 minutes to 2 hours to finish, depending in format. Players pay a fixed buy-in for their entry and get the same amount of poker chips. In addition, there is always a fixed number of players and a fixed payout structure for a given SNG tournament. Whoever loses his chips is out of the tournament.

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What time of each blind level in home game should be?

I'm a poker newbie, please tell me how to set up a blind structure in the home game? What time for each blind level should be and what is the optimal time for one session should be? Are 10 minutes for ...
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Can I get probability of winning a HU SNG tournament out of ROI % against an opponent?

I am currently trying to evaluate my expected value in HU SNG. One part of this is using a binomial distribution to understand P to win exactly or fewer tournaments out of some amount. So, I have a ...
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