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Does the complexity of poker increase unboundedly as effective stack sizes tend to infinity?

You can assume this question to be about no limit texas hold'em, but answers about/including other variants are also interesting. I'm also not sure how to define complexity mathematically in a way ...
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1 answer

Omaha Hi/Lo hand question comparing two low hands

We had a hand that came up this past weekend in Omaha Hi/Lo with regards to Low. The board was A, 7, 8, J, K. Player A's low cards were 2, 5 while Player B's were 3, 4. My opinion is that player A'...
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1 answer

Online Poker Hosting - Legal in USA? [closed]

I'm a developer and have a poker site that I've created. I have some questions that I need advise on to avoid going down the wrong paths and being taken away in cuffs by some federal agency. Right now ...
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1 answer

Dealing cards to a player not there

So we had a player at a private tournament not attending that night although he had chips from earlier on. Thus people thought he should have cards just to fold them. Ultimately, one time he didn’t ...
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1 answer

I don't understand why I lost this hand in Texas Hold'em (help please) [duplicate]

I am still new at Poker and I have been learning all the hands, but on this all in scenario I lost when I had two pairs King(hearts) 5(clubs) the other player had King(diamonds) Ace(hearts) the ...
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0 answers

What are the best open source bots available for NLHE (2 player and multiplayer) [closed]

Seeing bots that play as well as Libratus and Deepstack is pretty fascinating but, aren't there any good open source implementations available? I found a couple of reimplementations on GitHub that ...
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1 answer

Having a big debate need a third opinion helllp [duplicate]

So, player one has Q 5 in his hand, and player two has 2 4 . Now on the table there are 7 7 2 8 8 . Somebody please tell me, who is the winner player 1 or player 2? I say it is player one since it ...
5 votes
2 answers

Explaining poker to a chess player

I am beginning to learn poker (so far, I already know the rules of the game) and wonder how can I improve my game proper. In chess (which I play to a reasonable level), strategy can be explained ...
2 votes
3 answers

Bar room free roll poker

So I work in a bar that does free roll poker, all good and well, but is there a way to weed out non buying customers from winning? Would that not fall under loitering for gambling purposes under the ...
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1 answer

Play every hand or not

in a tournament where the level increases approximately every 5 minutes, do i have more chances winning by: playing as many hands as possible, and fold after the flop if I have nothing calling just ...
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1 answer

What are the key lessons that Poker teaches that can be applied to successful speculation?

There are several well-known successful hedge fund managers who love Poker. David Einhorn, Jim Chanos are just a few examples. On a personal level, I hear of successful investors who are fond of Poker....
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0 answers

New school and old school [closed]

I heard a lot of this two way of play, but I actually don't understand in which they differs. Which are the differences between old school of poker and new school?
6 votes
5 answers

The Importance of Mathematics in Poker

Poker is an awesome and very difficult game. But as a probability/strategy game is a subject of mathematics. However, I found a lot a rounders, even pros, that are completely blind to the power of ...