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Tournaments refer to poker games where players play until they run out of chips, with the last person having chips being the winner, the second to last taking second place, and so-on. There is no direct correlation between chip value and money - rather, players are paid based on their finish in the tournament.

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Uncapped betting in FL game HU on river with nuts on board?

My understanding is that it's common in limit games where usually there is a 4-bet (or 3-raise) betting cap to remove this cap when a hand is heads-up. If so, what happens in a situation where we ...
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Dealt 3 cards goes to showdown…

Tournament game of Texas hold’em. Hand is dealt, and goes to two players all the way to showdown. I show my cards A/4 and opponent shows 3 cards 8/6/3 clubs and makes no hand. They declare a ...
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How was my call 'stong'?

I was playing in a tournament, running well (2x average stack) and had a strong table image (knocked out a couple people). Last hand before the second break, 4 hours in. A middle position raises. I'...
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Vegas deepstacks tournament situation question drawing to a flush

In a deepstack tournament with 1,000 entrants and 350 remaining players, the hero finds themselves with 22 BB plus antes. The villain, who has a large stack of over 200x BB, has been consistently ...
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Two players heads up in poker: what are roughly the odds of winning based on stack sizes?

While one might say, just take the ratios of the stacks so that if one player has twice the chips he should, especially when blinds are very large eliminating much of the skill factor, win the match ...
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In Tournament Poker, how do you play 4 handed on a 7 table max game, with 2 tables left?

So I had this situation that I felt totally lost in to my normal game. This is just a home online game with ~25-35 people. Normally we play 9 hand max table. I got to the final 9 people, but because ...
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