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I'd like some help with Badugi absolute strength calculator

Those who playes Badugi know the basic rules: You have 4 cards. The more distinct cards both in suit and number, the better hand it is. Among the same number of distinct cards, the worse bust (being ...
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What is the most common variant of poker? [closed]

I am aware there are many different variants of poker. Having recently learnt "Texas Hold 'em", I am wondering whether this is the most common game, or which others are the most popular ones?...
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Poker with a Tarot Deck

I'm trying to figure out my own variant of Poker using a Tarot Deck. I want to have 5 and 7 card versions. I figure the most practical way to use the Major Arcana is to have consecutive Majors ...
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N00b ethics question about calculators in online poker (or choker)

(Actually, I'm asking motivated by a calculator for choker = chess + poker, but I believe the same applies to regular poker, Texas hold'em or whatever.) My context: I played poker a bit, mostly online ...
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How are hands compared in low poker?

Me and my friends had different opinions on how hands are compared in low poker. Take the following two hands for example. As 4h 8d Jc Qs Ah 2d 5c 9s Kc Neither of the hands have any pairs so we ...
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Help with sorting poker hands if playable cards is expanded to 7

I was hoping someone could help with the math for the following variant scenario: game would play out just as Hold'em but all 7 cards would be live with expanded hand rankings. The expanded rankings ...
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In five card draw poker, are there variants with multiple tiers of betting?

Is there a variant of draw poker where the bet is x before the draw and 2x afterwards? If so, how might that change your strategy?
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Is there any poker variant thats use more than five cards to form hands?

While learning poker I stumbled upon a site discussing "7 Card Poker Hands" As well as discussing the well-known five card hands, it noted the existence of three card hands while denying ...
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Is there a heads-up holdem variant played where both players are given the exact same set of hands to choose from?

I am not sure of the mechanics, might need to be played only online or may not work at all. But to address the frustration that players express with being dealt poor hands, what if various two-card ...
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