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Questions tagged [wild-card]

Wild cards are cards that can take on any value in a hand. They may be extra cards in the deck (jokers), or certain standard cards in the deck may be designated wild (for instance, all 2s could be wild cards). If all 2s are wild, and a person had the hand AA228, they would have four-of-a-kind.

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Does a royal flush with 2 wild cards beat a royal flush with one wild card?

We understand that, when playing with wild cards, 5 aces is best overall. This means that one of the "aces" is actually a joker, and that the hand has, say, two aces of hearts, or spades, or ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Are there any 5-card-draw games with the joker online?

I used to play a lot of this in gardena before holdem became popular. I did find some draw without the joker at poker stars a few years ago, but there were very few games. Is there any 5-card-draw ...
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Who wins this game of high low Hurricane with wilds?

In a game of high low Hurricane with deuces and 2 jokers wild, who wins between one player with Ace joker and the other deuce deuce? Here are the rules we were going by: Players must declare whether ...
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How does a wild card (53rd) affect the odds of making the standard poker hands?

By standard poker hands I mean: high card one pair two pair three of a kind straight flush full house four of a kind straight flush EDIT: five of a kind I'm curious if the ranking of hands should ...
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