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Final table: All-in with AQ suited against a small stack?

First of all, you're likely right that your hand looks good against the range of UTG. The other factors though (mostly position) are unfavorable though, so the question is whether or not it's ...
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Final table: All-in with AQ suited against a small stack?

It doesn't sound like you were desperate for the 7BB win but were comfortable to gamble against the short stack. I agree with this. But because there were multiple players behind, this is an easy ...
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Help me remember this EPIC hero call?

Are you thinking of Isaac Haxton vs. Ryan Daut ( It wasn't a hero call though, Haxton's bluff got through.
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Was dealer incorrect in handling prematurely dealt turn card?

As soon as the dealer begins to deal the turn without having resolved the action (as he obviously thought you called the 20k bet from villain, rather than raising it), you should have brought this to ...
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Dealing with final table shovers

I think at the final table the most important thing becomes something called ICM, independent chip model. However, as was revealed recently by word renowned pros and prodigy like Fedor Holz in a ...
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Dealing with final table shovers

The rule of thumb is if the table is lose then play tight. Remember you don't have to be the one to take them out to move up. You still have to beat a random hand. Even a pusher can pick up a ...
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