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Can someone explain in simple terms what equity means?

Equity is simply how much of the pot is "yours" based on your odds to win it. If there's $100 in the pot, and you have a 50% chance of winning it, then you have $50 in equity. If you have a 30% chance ...
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Player fold in split pot, is he part of main pot?

No, once C folds, he is out of the hand, and has no claim to any main or side pots.
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How do I calculate "I break even if Villain folds this percentage of shoving", including Fold Equity, in heads up play?

This is not hard to calculate once you understand what it means. In poker since you are not expected to be mathematicians, we need to boil the math down to little piece. First you calculate your ...
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Post-River Action Folding

It is a players responsibility to table and show their hand and most importantly to not muck their hand. By the sounds of things the player has mucked his cards, those cards are now irretrievable, you ...
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Confusion regarding calculating odds in flops

The author is using a rule-of-thumb approximation. Your exact probability of hitting the turn is, as you say, 9/47, or about 19.15%. Your probability of hitting the turn OR the river is equal to (1 - (...
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Confusion regarding calculating odds in flops

you are not calculating it wrong, the article states that 18% and 36% is a shortcut. the author of the article counts each out as 2% for each remaining street after the flop. so if there are 9 outs to ...
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