The point of hold-em is that your hand is the best possible five-card combination from all seven cards. So, in this case, yes, it is a split pot. All players (as you describe them) have a 6-high straight. That's the best possible hand, so that's their hand.


So there's a real mathematical way and there's a standard poker way. There's two parts: 1) Counting potential "out" cards. 2) Calculating the chances of getting these "out" cards for each street left to deal. Imagine a simple situation. You have 44 preflop, you 3xBB raise on button. A short stack goes Allin 15xBB. Everyone else folds. Flop comes A, 2, 3....


There are numerous web sites that sell hand histories from the major sites (search for buy poker hand history). Lots of players also post interesting hands on forums (www.pokerforums.org, twoplustwo.com, etc) many pros post their hands with their analyses (or your hands with their analyses) in videos on youtube. I don't know if any standardized method for ...

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