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Holdem manager 2 HUD stats definition

Usually, for preflop play it goes like this: VPIP / PFR / 3B / F3 Meaning: 1) VPIP: Voluntarily Put Money in Pot, i.e. how often a player raises & calls. The higher the stat, the looser the ...
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Is it possible not to use HUDs and still be good at keeping track of opponents moves?

There's a basic problem with these "database" approaches. So you keep track of what a person bets etc. when they have a particular hand. Then you look for those bets in an attempt to discern ...
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Is this HUD stat profile a nit?

The answers to your questions will vary drastically based on your HUD sample size for each stat. I will continue assuming that you have you have at least 50+ hands for each stat (which I doubt is ...
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PokerStars Android - Cards History

Point wise answer Here is a beta for andriod HUD I don't think HH is stored on the phone anymore. If you make an HUD it will have to determine actions literally by looking at the action Pokerstars ...
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