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aggression factor vs aggression frequency

Based on PokerTracker's Stats Guide, the Aggression Factor (AF) is: A measure of how aggressive or passive the player is on a particular street. And the Aggression Frequency (AFq) is: The ...
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What do these action abbreviations mean?

Each character stands for a single action. You can have more than one action for a single betting round, when someone bets or raises after you. These actions are combined into for example "XC" (first ...
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Two pairs two pairs win 🏆

Player 1's hand (best 5-card choice) is 3322A, so two-pair, threes and twos. Player 2's hand (best 5-card choice) is 55337, so two-pair, fives and threes. Since fives beat threes, player 2 wins the ...
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are pokerstars.net hand histories saved?

So from what I've seen from Pokerstars help center, it looks like for pokerstars.net the answer is no. https://www.pokerstars.com/help/articles/hh-pm-older-7-days/11133/
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Why did i lose this hand even if it looks as i was winning?

The short version is: your 4's got 'counterfeited'. Your best 5 cards play, out of the 7 cards available. The 9's and 7's make the best two pair, so the pair of 4's don't play. Since you have to use 5 ...
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Is this HUD stat profile a nit?

The answers to your questions will vary drastically based on your HUD sample size for each stat. I will continue assuming that you have you have at least 50+ hands for each stat (which I doubt is ...
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