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I Would imagine the rule will differ for different online card rooms as it does for land based card rooms. Some places may let you play all the chips you have left. Most places will not deal a player a hand unless they can call a full bet, I.e. the size of the big blind. I would think this would extend to the small blind. I do not think a rule would vary ...


Everyone gets to act pre-flop, regardless of their position. (Blinds don't count as actions). Of course, If someone has been put all-in because of paying the blind, they can't act, but they will stay in the hand until showdown. If everyone folds (including Small Blind) and you are the Big Blind, you will automatically win the pot and the hand is over. All ...


In short, 1. Yes, they get a turn, and they can raise/check/fold as usual. 2. Yes, it will keep going until everyone still in the round calls.

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