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The last player won the pot. The last player won as soon as the other player folded. It likely went quick and the pot amount was reset as soon as the hand was done and you simply missed it.


I was playing Short Deck Hold’em not realizing the difference. The ace an be used on the low end of 6,7,8,9 to make a straight. Ace is counted as 5.


There is no Ace to 9 straight in Texas Hold'Em, since you only need 5 cards of sequential rank, so it is either 9,T,J,Q,K or T,J,Q,K,A, in which case the latter is counted as the higher one. Having 7,A with a J,A,6,8,9 board gives you no straight, since a T or a Q,K is missing for that. You have only a pair of Aces, unless you have a flush of course (5 cards ...

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