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Playing PL Omaha

He has TTT66, you have 666KK. A full house tens full of sixes (TTT66) beats sixes full of kings (666KK) in all variants of poker, not just PLO. This is because the tens are higher than the sixes, in ...
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NL100: Top Pair weak kicker facing Turn barrel

Interesting, tough hand. I think I would fold here. I'll assume there isn't any relevant history with the opponent as that may change your strategy here. I think everything is pretty ...
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Zoom NL5: checking second nut flush on turn?

I think you played fine. Villain had nothing and you got him to pay off 0.46 on the river. Certainly a hand to call with from the blinds. No reason to bet the flop out of position on a draw. I ...
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Zoom NL5: checking second nut flush on turn?

I would lead the turn here because I would do so with plenty of other hands as well after the flop went check/check. You should also be mixing in some donk leads on the flop as well. Basically if you ...

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