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Shortstack SB calling range against UTG

In a paid game the immediate question would be what are the payout structure, because it can condition marginal calls into folds if it is relevant to have more chances to finish 2nd. Second it's a ...
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How to calculate SNG push/fold range using JAVA/C++?

There used to be charts available if you didnt mind doing the data entry, but since it got shut down in the US, they dissappeared and only proprietary ICM + PB calculators were left. Also, PokerStars ...
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Kelly criterion for SnG

If you have a little background in calculus, you'll notice that the dg(x)/dx line is the derivative of g(x) and then is set equal to 0 to find the critical point which in this case will be a maximum ...
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Player acts without seeing prior action

To add to the previous answers, in my experience TD's tend to be lenient in this situation one time if any. However, many factors are at play here. As stated above the primary reason for leniency is ...
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What are some good win rates for heads-up and 6-max SnGs? (regular or turbo, but not hyper)

Basically winrate is used for cash games. Your metric for tournaments is ROI (return of investment). 1) How to calculate ROI: ROI=Net Winnings / Total Investment= {(Total Winnings)-(Total Buyins ...
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How to calculate SNG push/fold range using JAVA/C++?

To calculate the whole thing, you need some input, that is: your hole cards player stacks After this, you perform a lengthy procedure that is called ICM. This will transform your stacks into real ...
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