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Is 8 / 9 better than 7 / 9 in terms of straight?

We can think about the potential of connectors and gappers in terms of the possible straight draws that you can flop: 87: JT, J9, T9, T6, 96, 95, 65, 64, 54 86: T9, T7, 97, 95, 75, 74, 54 85: 97, ...
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Why i lost this hand?

Your opponent has a diamond flush (five of the same suit), which beats the straight on the board. If your opponent did not have two diamonds, the hand would be tied. The King you hold is irrelevant; ...
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In 7 card stud with low card(s) wild, is A-2-3-4-5-J-J a five card high straight?

In low games with the exception of 2-7, a wheel is always the lowest hand, unless you decide something different before the game starts. Blockquote Ace could not be considered low as a five high ...
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Odds for straight or flush on the flop

Well. They are definitely not the same for each of those combinations. 56s is more likely to hit a straight or a flush than A5s. With any two suited cards, you hit a flush 11/50 x 10/49 x 9/48 = 0,...
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