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Table image when playing with fish.

In a smaller home game just be nice. If you are a bully you might not get invited back. In my home game I had one guy that would taunt when he would win. I just did not invite him back. Just pretend ...
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Table image when playing with fish.

First suggestion would be to get rid of the word "fish". Second suggestion would be to sit out a hand or two once in a while if house rules allow. I don't understand why your #2 goes straight to "...
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Observing the table

You mention classifying people into groups such as TAG, LAG, and calling station and that's a reasonable start. It will mostly help with pre-flop decisions and with narrowing down the possible range ...
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Are there any good strategies for dealing with relentless bettors?

These type of players offer an opportunity to make a lot of money if you can wait until you get a big hand, and don't take the action away from them...let them keep betting and just call, until the ...
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