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If I might be the devils advocate here I would argue that the developers of all in app purchase games, be it board games, racing games or poker games, are not doing this for the fun of it. They wish to make money off their results. Therefore, as I have observed in every game I have played, that no matter how hard or how often you play, you will at some point ...


The last player won the pot. The last player won as soon as the other player folded. It likely went quick and the pot amount was reset as soon as the hand was done and you simply missed it.


Wow, can't disagree more with the advice you're getting. If you RAISE BIG, say 10bb into a 5bb pot, you need to win 2/3 times to make that mathematically correct. Your odds get better when the players make the mistake of calling you, but at the time of your raise you don't know that. In a loose limpy game like that, KQs is a calling hand—if you hit it well, ...


Poker hands have exactly five cards, no more, no less. Both players are playing the hand 9-9-5-5-A. Split pot.

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