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I'd like some help with Badugi absolute strength calculator

I ran a brute force analysis and this is what I think I found 17160 6.34% 4 card 123552 45.64% 3 card 112476 41.55% 2 card 17537 6.48% 1 card 270725 100.00% I think there was a ...
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How are hands compared in low poker?

It depends on the form of lowball poker played. Most forms of lowball poker I'm familiar with classify the hand first, then rank the cards from lowest to highest. In your example, assuming that Aces ...
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Help with sorting poker hands if playable cards is expanded to 7

I'm curious about how these would rank out mathematically, too. I have most of these figured out using sets, but the straights, and flushes are difficult for me to figure out, especially when you ...
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Poker with a Tarot Deck

It sounds like you have a clear idea of how you want to use the Tarot deck in your variant of Poker. Using the Major Arcana as a separate suit with their own ranking, and using them to represent ...
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N00b ethics question about calculators in online poker (or choker)

In terms of ethics surrounding calculators, I think it is unethical to use something that gives you information that other players would not be able to obtain themselves (without the calculator). Eg, ...
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In five card draw poker, are there variants with multiple tiers of betting?

Yes, that was a common structure in California in the 80s and 90s. You should be inclined to draw more often and bluff more often than in a flat-limit game.
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