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Is trash talking legal in WSOP?
3 votes

There is no rule about trash talking in the WSOP. As long as your banter isn't considered threatening to another player you can say pretty much whatever you want. It's poker. The only thing Gold could ...

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What are some examples of good, free poker tournament software?
Accepted answer
3 votes has a great one that I have used. Solid UI and does everything that you have asked for, along with most of it ...

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What tournament size is best to play if completely new to on-line playing Texas hold-em?
2 votes

Definitely start playing SNG's (sit-no-go's). Great way to get used to playing full tables, and is a great emulation of a final table (since you start with 9 and play to the end with one table). Once ...

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NL100: Turn Two-Pair at Wet Board Facing Small Bets
1 votes

You can definitely narrow the range down to drawing hands. When he donk bets the turn its a pretty solid indicator of strength. Hearts are definitely in his range so he could have made the flush. I ...

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