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Who wins if a player mis-identifies their hand?
6 votes

In casinos I’ve played in, it’s always “cards speak”. So if you have a straight flush but verbally indicate a straight, the dealer will acknowledge the straight flush.

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NL100: 2-Pair In 4-Way Pot Facing OOP Lead @ Wet Flop
5 votes

To answer your question directly, I bet the river. Hero was lucky to avoid a third heart and see two seemingly worthless turn and river cards. If you're willing to call the flop and the turn, why not ...

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Was this a good all-in with trip 8s on the turn?
0 votes

(Won’t accept my own answer) My reasoning for an all-in (from the heat of the moment): If I raise any decent amount, I’m pot committed. If I call here, I’m not likely to improve and if a diamond, J, ...

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