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Started writing code in 1982 (in college) and haven't stopped since. I've used C++ to build applications for Libraries (the kind that lend books) and Banks and sleep labs. I've also written Java for banks.

Worked with Pyramid in Grand Cayman for Uniregistry.

Been working with Django since 2009 and have used it to build solutions for banks, sleep labs, and ALS clinics.

Built a labor scheduling tool for the entertainment industry that uses AngularJS for the frontend SPA and Django rest framework for the back end API and DJango views for reports.

I've been the rescue engineer for 911 calls that were getting lost, SQL queries that were so slow the application was timing them out, and written various scripts to patch around otherwise broken software packages where the source code was not available.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away I wrote kernel code for Unix SYSV in the ethernet/FDDI arena for Intergraph.

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