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Wrong decision?
1 votes

It depends. If this is a tournament the hand may play out differently than in a cash game. Stack sizes can dictate proper play as well. If the player is a tight player his/her early position raise ...

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Is Harrington's zones strategy still valid at the end of a MTT tournament?
7 votes

The problem with with making a standard raise with an M under 5 is that you will be left with a stack that is too low if you lose the pot. If a standard raise for this tournament is 2.5BB then you are ...

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Hand discussion: QJc vs A8o on A84 T K
Accepted answer
2 votes

While you were definitely lucky in the hand, I think you played it ok preflop. A raise on the button with QcJc seems like a standard play to me (calling is probably fine as well). The flop is great ...

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In live play, why do poker players wait their turn before looking at their cards?
Accepted answer
11 votes

For me it is not about body language when an opponent looks at his cards. I'm doing a few things when I'm waiting for my turn. Monitoring the players to act after me. There are players that will give ...

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