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I am programming my first application, probably to publish 1st january, and i need a rest from this platform. Enjoying also my new twitter account.

Hello World!

I am programming Android applications. I am going to search with Google tools what words geology and geography students search more to include them in the text of my blog.

Feel free to share a link to it if you wish, and thank you very much if so!

I am a 37 years old spanish geologist graduated in 2015. I have followed an oceanography course at university of Bordeaux.

I am diagnosed of schizoaffective disorder, and a psychiatrist told I was low grade asperger disorder wich is compatible, but psychiatrist at public health are not good, and I think what I have is low grade complex post traumatic stress disorder.

My favourite book is Now wait for last year from Philipp K.Dick. I started to read the gutenberg galaxy, but I didn't understand it and I stoped reading. My favourite film is contact from Karl Sagan's book. My favourite song is this one. Derrick May was the father, Jeff Mills the son, and Stacey Pullen the holy spirit. Techno was created at the working-class neighborhoods of Detroit. I also like Au clair de la lune.

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