As it says in the title...I just had 30 hands with no aces. What are the odds?

(standard NLHE I should add, not 5 card stud etc)

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The odds of not being dealt an ace in a 2-card hand is the the odds of being dealt two non-aces. There are 48 non-aces in the deck, so this is (48/52) * (47/51), or 85% for one hand.

The odds of it for any number of hands n is that product raised to the nth power.

P(n) = (2256/2652)^n

number hands probability no aces
1 0.851
10 0.198
20 0.039
30 0.008
  • Ah... Much simpler than I was making it in my head! Stats was never my strong suit. Thanks a lot.
    – IWonderWhy
    Jan 24 at 11:03

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